Monday, September 23, 2013

New version of GmapGIS

GmapGIS version 3 is now online. This version is best viewed using Google Chrome. There may be some issues with other browsers. The previous version of GmapGIS is available here.
Following new capabilities have been added.

  • Drawing can be saved as KML file.
  • Google Fusion tables can be viewed and queried in GmapGIS.
  • Tools for drawing circles and scribble lines.
  • Several other layers can be displayed.
  • Bug fixing and additions/refinement will be continued.

Monday, April 29, 2013

GmapGIS V2

The current version of GmapGIS utilizes Google Maps API V2. The API V2 will not be supported by Google after May 19, 2013.
We are upgrading GmapGIS to new Google Maps API V3 so that new version of GmapGIS is up and running before this date.
It is anticipated that all functions and tools may not run smoothly from the day one. Possibly, links / files saved by the previous version may not work in the beginning. This is just because we are little short of time.
For this reason, the user are alerted that they should save their locations, shapes and coordinates etc. This is a totally free application. and we don't assume responsibility for any lost work.
The new version of GmapGIS will make use of several new capabilities provided by Google Maps API V3.
This inconvenience will only be for a short time.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Version coming soon


A new version of gmapgis will be out soon. The new version is based on Google Maps API V3, and would be free of current bugs and errors. Several new addition are being made to make use of API V3.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How to Set home map view.

If you have come to GmapGIS through a map link, you will see a map drawing.

Clicking on will take you to a fresh map of the world.
You can move around on the map just as you would on the Google maps. To set you home loaction for the start up map, just move to place and choose right zoom level, and pick up down menu on the right side of  HOME button on the Tool bar. You will see a menu item: Set new home. Click this item and GmapGIS will always open the current map view when you visit

GmapGIS is being upgraded to utilize Google Maps API version 3. All known bugs will be fixed and new capabilities added shortly. Thanks for all the emails providing feedback and comments.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hello, GmapGIS is only temoprarily down. It will be upagain in day or two. Email me if you like at for any suggestions or questions.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GIS on Google maps

GmapGIS aims to present a easy to use software where non specialists can quickly draw polygons, lines, labels, markers with various colors and opacities on Google maps, and then either save for later editing or sharing with collegues/friends.
Drawings can be readily shared through a web link. The steps are easy.
  • draw on the map whatever you like and as much as you like,
  • click the red link on the tool bar as shown below ,
  • copy the url that is presented in a pop up window
  • paste it in email or Facebook or whatever digital means you want to use to send it.
Your friends/collegues will just have to click the link to see your drawings just as you see on your screen. The drawing are still fully editable by receipients for adding more info and then sending back or saving on their computer.

You can also save the drawings as a project file and send to friends as an email attachment. Your friends can save the file on their computer and upload to GmapGIS through open project option to view and edit the drawings.

GmapGIS also allows to import xy data on google maps. The xy data file can have several fields/columns to hold spatial data for analysis on Google maps. You do not need to be GIS specialist to use GmapGIS. There is more info xy data file in a previous post.

GmapGIS team